Furnished letting with a yield - despite rent regulations?

Earn 50% more than
with the Berlin rent cap

mbly is not a bypass model, but supports landlords of furnished housing in making the Berlin rent cap (Mietendeckel) more bearable. For landlords, the role of their furniture changes fundamentally: From a burden that involves effort and costs, they are transformed into a value that generates return.

What does the Berlin rent cap entail?

Fines in case of non-compliance
In case the rent cover is violated, you will be fined up to 500.000 €.

Furniture and equipment is not taken into account.
Rent regulations like the Berlin rent cap ignore the expenses of furniture. mbly sees furniture as a value instead of a burden. With our buy and lease back model, we make it as easy as possible for you as a landlord to turn your furniture into a return.

The model of the so-called “shadow rent” (Schattenmiete) is a make-shift solution.
“Shadow rent” describes the difference of the capped rent to the non-capped rent. This difference could be claimed from the renters, in case the rent cap is declared unconstitutional by the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (Bundesgerichtshof). However, the court decision is expected earliest in early 2021. Until then, it is unclear whether – for example – the so-called shadow rent is legal and practicable.

This could be your return on investment:

The following calculation is based on a real furnished apartment of one of our clients.
The 50 sqm apartment is located in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg.

Your yield with and without mbly:

Loss for the landlord with rent cap


With mbly – same rent price as before the rent cap for tenant


With mbly – but without our furniture guarantee


This is how your furniture return is calculated:

Click the image to view in full size.

Calculate your personal
furniture yield.

Benefit from mbly and secure your return on investment despite the rent cover. Receive a calculation adapted to your furnished property – non-binding and free of charge.

  • Increase of earnings with rent cap of (usually) 50%
  • Immediate monthly return
  • Repair and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • Independence from rent regulations issued by the state
  • Immediate cash flow instead of depreciation annoyance
  • Penalty-proof: No violation of the rent cap
  • Protection against financial loss in case of vacancy
Ausgewählter Wert: 25
Ausgewählter Wert: 1900

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