Renting in Germany should be enjoyable again!

The flexible solution for capital investors, small landlords and temporary self-users. We are your partner for renting without rent control.

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Carefree and flexible renting:
Furnished living


Renting out furnished apartments is worth it: The apartment’s furnishings helps you to rent out independently. Thanks to short to medium-term contract terms, you can flexibly plan your own use of the property at any time. Especially in major German cities, you also support your city’s economy and welcoming culture by offering furnished apartments: currently, furnished living is probably most attractive to people who are moving for professional or educational reasons, or people who are only changing their place of residence for a certain period of time. Especially newcomers coming to Germany from abroad can benefit from this type of living and the resulting official simplifications, such as a certificate of registration.
Our highly developed rental model ensures that the rental price brake does not get in your way.

This is how mbly works

The mbly-principle is simple:


The furnishing of your apartment.

In the first step we will make sure that your apartment is furnished to a high standard.

You rent without a rental price control.

Our intelligent leasing model allows you to avoid any losses that may result due to rent regulation.

We take care of your equipment.

We take care of your equipment in the form of a full service model. You and your tenants get a contact person who is available quickly and easily - whether it's maintenance, repairs or warranty.

You benefit through mbly.

For you as landlords, the role of your furniture changes from a burden that causes effort and costs to a value that generates a return. "Temporary living" as a market segment thus remains attractive – despite rent regulation.

Enjoy the advantages of mbly!

mbly is the flexible and secure furnishing solution for your apartment. Furnished apartments: mbly furnishes your apartment for the requirements of temporary living.

Why mbly is the right choice for you:

We support landlords of furnished housing.



Average additional return per month


Convinced tenants and owners


Rented inventory items through mbly

Calculate your personal furniture yield

Profit from mbly and secure returns – even with rent regulations.
Receive a non-binding calculation adapted to your furnished real estate free of charge.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Instant monthly return
  • Repair and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • Independence on government rent regulations
  • Instant cash flow instead of depreciation hassles
  • Fine-proof: no violation of rent cap
  • Protection against loss in case of vacancy
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