We are mbly.

We want to create value. For tenants
and landlords of furnished accommodations in Berlin.

Our Mission

We transform furniture into liquidity and make renting out furnished accommodations carefree and profitable.

The founder, Urs Möller, came up with the idea of mbly through his everyday work as real estate manager. With his finger on the pulse of the Berlin real estate market, it became clear to him: More and more landlords are looking for solutions to deal with the rental cap. Solution oriented, they developed a model that mbly has already successfully tested with clients. The positive experiences led to the decision to make the solution available to other landlords as well.

Our Values

We are entrepreneurs.

A company does not found itself just like that. It takes a lot of curiosity and a little bit of courage. We are not afraid to ask for help and develop ourselves. You don't just make mistakes, you learn from them. Tomorrow is always a new day that promises exciting things.

 We make furnished rentals profitable despite the Berlin rental cap. So that Berlin still has apartments that can be rented in the future.

We are pioneers.

We don't just dream, we approach things boldly. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Or to make cuts and correct things that don't run smoothly. We think: The key to progress is many small things, consistently well done. We have decided to keep on growing.

We are passionate.

We are Berliners and love our city. We encourage change if it improves the outcome. It is an honor and privilege to help shape our city. Having said that, we strive for excellence, not for perfectionism: a solution should not only be good, but great. We believe doing nothing is not an option. We want to actively participate in changing our city and create value for tenants and landlords. Because in the end we all want the same one thing: to keep Berlin worth living in.